"The Greatest 'Whodunit' Mystery of the Past 500 years"

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Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings
Volume One – The New Atlantis


“Secret Mysteries” offers the unprecedented opportunity to discover historic, mysterious truth hidden for 400 years.

  • Follow the journey of secret societies from England to the New World, learning history which has been buried for centuries
  • See how American Founding Fathers precisely followed a secret plan when they established America’s government – Ben Franklin was the key Founding Father
  • Reiterates the Christian cultural foundation of this ountry
  • Where National Treasure meets the infamous Da Vinci Code
  • Powerful, award-winning documentary unfolds the fascinating history behind the founding of America.
  • America’s 5 original cities – Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. -- were perfectly aligned with each other as satellite picture shows
  • Running Time: Nearly 3 hour historical documentary
  • Retail: $29.99

  • Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings
    Volume Two
    Riddles In Stone: Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C.

    DVD or VHS

  • Will continue to explore the fascinating history behind
    the origins and focus of the world's most powerful nation:
  • Why was this nation founded?
  • How was the precise location of Washington, D.C., on the 77th Meridian, determined?
  • Zeroes in on the Masonic & Rosicrucian influence so
    prevalent amongst our Founding Fathers as they Planned, and began to implement, the layout of America's Capitol
  • Does this occult "wisdom" represent the interests of America, or a hidden agenda? DVD
  • Running Time: 3 hours

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    Volume 1 - "The New Atlantis"


    Volume 2 - "Riddles In Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C."

    Nearly 6 hours of video in these two DVDs.